Lawnbott mows live on the web!


BetsietheloawnbotSara sends word of live lawnbot video – Betsie the Lawnbott works tirelessy and streams(and twitters) video to the web all the while. Head on over to hang out in the Lawnbott chatroom and watch the grass … err not grow. – Lawnbott Live

Is this what we’ll do all the time in the autonomous paradise of the future?

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Hack an NES into A USB Drive Dock for Retro Data Storage

Instructible user fungus amungus turned his broken Nintendo Entertainment System into a flash drive dock and modded his game cartridges with 8GB flash drives. Now when he inserts the game carts into the NES replica emporio armani watches replica bell ross watches replica graham brawn gp watches the drives appear on his desktop. As a nice touch replica toledo he added custom icons for each drive so that he knows which cartridge is in the NES.


  • NES cartridge harmonicas
  • Jeri’s nifty Nintendo/C64 purse
  • NES Guitar Mod

Cuervo Y Sobrinos Historiador Retrogrado – Baselworld 2011 Preview

CUERVO Y SOBRINOS �C Historiador Retrogrado

The Historiador Retrogrado from Cuervo y Sobrinos showcases the brand��s know-how and passion for craftsmanship in a timepiece that embodies the sensitivity and sophistication of 1940��s Havana. The elegant and traditional case recalls one of the brand��s original models produced between 1940 and 1950. Classic and timeless the shape and design of this neoclassical watch make it immediately recognizable. Its Clous de Paris guilloch�� dial is set off by embossed cobalt blue hands epitomizing the meticulous care that goes into every Cuervo y Sobrinos timepiece. With its day date and power-reserve functions and traditional time indications this watch is destined for the sophisticated man a caballero with natural charm.

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Brown alligator leather with stainless steel buckle


This is not your grandfather’s HAM radio…

Make Ham Radio 1

Make Ham Radio 1
Here’s a special article “This is not your grandfather’s HAM radio” – by Thomas Arey N2EI.

Many folks who read Make probably have an image of their grandfather zenith fake watch father or kindly older neighbor heading down into their basement to talk to people around the world by way of amateur radio. This classic image of voice (and Morse code) communication is still played out every day in thousands of locations. HF radio communication has long been the mainstay of amateur radio.

In the world of modern electronics communication and experimentation ham radio has gone well beyond the scope of the basic radio communication that might have been the hobby of your grandfather. Also vacheron constantin extra plates replica amateur radio is the only radio service remaining where participants are encouraged to build modify and improve their equipment in pursuit of the radio art. This seems to fall right in line with the philosophy of Make.Modern hams routinely experiment with digital communication computer/radio interfacing and remote control applications. Hams utilize GPS receivers to establish roving beacon stations using digital protocols. Amateur operators participate in advanced communication via satellite and even bounce signals off the Moon. Hams experiment with alternative power production. These activities go well beyond anything your grandfather ever dreamed of sitting in his basement and they are ripe for further discovery at the hands of dedicated and tenacious members of the Make community.

Becoming a licensed amateur radio operator has never been easier.
Effective July 1 2006 The F.C.C. made changes to the entry level Technician Class test to make it easier to study and pass. The test is 35 questions long multiple-choice covering very basic rules and electronic theory. There is no longer a code proficiency requirement for getting started in amateur radio. With the new test procedures any Make reader could probably pass the current exam with a few hours of study each evening for about two weeks. I know of many folks who have even passed after study over a long weekend.

Unlike when your grandfather got his ham ticket you no longer need to trek into a major city to find the F.C.C. offices to take your amateur exams. There is now a volunteer examination program run nationwide by trained hams who can administer the test usually in a much more convenient location than in the past. Locations for these VE sessions can be found at several places on the Internet but I would recommend looking things up first at:

The American Radio Relay League (the national organization for hams breguet marine royale fake watch responsible for the above mentioned web site) produces an excellent study guide to get you started in ham radio.

Make Ham Radio 2

Make Ham Radio 2The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual
Level 1 – Technician
By Ward Silver N0AX et al
283 Pages
ISBN 0-87259-963-9
The American Radio Relay League
225 Main Street
Newington CT 06111-1494

This study guide not only takes you through all the study information you need to pass the test it also gives you sound information on how to begin your amateur radio activities once you receive your license. The information needed to successfully pass the Technician Class test is presented in easy to read and understand modules. The ARRL has decades of experience in helping people join the amateur radio community so their training tools are well respected in the ham radio world.

So you’ve studied and passed the test… Now what?

Make Ham Radio 3

Make Ham Radio 3
You can begin enjoying Ham Radio with a basic handheld transceiver.

Most folks begin their ham radio experience with a simple handheld transceiver that covers the 2 Meter Amateur Radio band (144 – 148 MHz) The bulk of this range of frequencies is devoted to repeater operation. By utilizing remotely controlled repeaters located in high locations a low power handheld transceiver has the ability to communicate over much greater distances even around the world. Repeater stations are set up by individuals or groups of hams to extend radio communication that often serves to aid in emergencies and other important activities. Some ham repeater systems are operated as IRLP nodes. IRLP stands for Internet Radio Linking Project which is an application of the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applied to ham radio. Using these modern technologies fake graham watch world wide communication far beyond anything your grandfather ever imagined is possible.

Starting with the basics mentioned above even the sky isn’t the limit. The most basic amateur radio license gives any ham the opportunity to set up equipment to communicate through any of a number of amateur radio satellites currently orbiting the earth. These satellites are designed and built by groups of hams around the world and are usually deployed during regular commercial satellite launches. There is even a ham radio station on the International Space Station. Many astronauts have their ham licenses (or get them during their training period) and operate from space talking with ground based hams using very basic equipment.

But most appealing to people who read Make hams can experiment modify and construct transmitters receivers antennas and accessories. It is possible to build every piece of equipment you use to get on the air often using parts recovered from other surplused or discarded electronics equipment. Amateur radio does not need to be an expensive hobby especially for someone who reads and understands the ideas regularly presented in Make magazine.

Squeak – Open source Smalltalk programming


Squeak is open source version of Smalltalk and looks like a fun way to make games replica star watch hublot big bang aero bang replica watches edu apps and more… –

Squeak is a modern open source full-featured implementation of the powerful Smalltalk programming language and environment. Squeak is highly-portable – even its virtual machine is written entirely in Smalltalk making it easy to debug jacob co replica analyze and change. Squeak is the vehicle for a wide range of projects from multimedia applications corum replica watcheseducational platforms to commercial web application development. 

Squeak: Squeak – [via] Link.

HOW TO – High-tech LED decorations for the holidays (tree ornament and a mini-LED menorah)

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315632994 A299567D31

315632994 A299567D31
One of our most prolific Makers Windell writes in with some great holiday electronics projects… –

“Here are two open-source omega constellation gents replica watch do-it-yourself concord watches baume mercier replica watches chopard montres dame replica watches microcontroller-powered holiday electronics projects: A micro-readerboard Christmas tree ornament and a mini-LED Hanukkah menorah. “ – Link & photos.


  • Holiday projects @ MAKE – Link.

Laser engraving on an iPhone


Tyler writes –

I customized my iPhone with a “No Stealing” logo and my name. The results turned out great and I wanted to share it with your readers. I’ve included the artwork file for readers to download and customize to their own needs (for example change my name to their name glashutte replica watches replica longines heritage etc). I figured this project falls right in line with your tee shirt “MAKE: Void your warranty violate a user agreement fake vacheron constantin royal eagle watch fry a circuit blow a fuse panerai replicapoke an eye out…” …laser engrave.Thanks for a great magazine! 

Laser Engraving on an iPhone – Link.


832336440 575638D254

832336440 575638D254
Toasters! – Link.

 Images Iphone Engraving 003

 Images Iphone Engraving 003
Apple iPhone Engraving tutorial from Epilog (interesting) – Link.